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12 Jul JUNE 2018

I had spoken in my last blog about taking back time. A simple concept and one I wanted to implement in, what I thought at the time, was going to be a quiet month. How wrong was I – what did Burns say ‘the best...

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12 Jul MAY 2018

My goal at the beginning of this year was to write a blog once a month based on what was relevant that month. So, Jan, Feb and March all progressed well then April happened. I’ve been trying to figure out trends in my company since...

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12 Jul MARCH 2018

So it’s official or at least it should be? The slumber is over and it’s time for the first signs of spring – if only someone had told the weather! Time to rise and shine, stretch and start looking forward to lighter nights, blossom on...

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12 Jul FEBRUARY 2018

So now its really cold, the Christmas credit card has landed (please tell me why did we think it was fine to spend that much money on one day) and we now have to pay/have paid our taxes. January was a long cold month, the...

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