Hello, my name is Susan and I love numbers.

I know by now most of you will be switching off and thinking nerd but listen what do you want from your accountant but someone who likes numbers – right?? And if you thought that was bad enough wait till I knock your socks off with the statement that I have a Maths degree – yep sure do.

But please don’t let that put you off cause I also love getting to know people, so I’m a nosey mathematician turned accountant. Just the type of person you need on your team; someone who is ‘integral’ to your business.

You may even enjoy talking numbers with me especially ones linked to how much will it cost to hire me? Don’t worry I’m worth every penny very reasonable and I’m ‘differential’, ’binominal’, ‘hyperbolic’ and modest too. If it helps we can arrange a monthly retainer fee so you can cover my costs over the year.

I should probably mention, if modesty didn’t forbid, that I’m good at what I do. My clients seem to agree, and say nice things about me.

So give me a call and if you’re lucky I may solve some of your problems – ouch!!