An Introduction to Accounting | The 5 Levels of Accounting


It is true -when you start out in business, money is very much on your mind.Very often you will have started your business because you were keen to be self-employed, keen to be the key decision maker in the company you work for, keen to try something new and most likely, passionate about the work that you do and the service you can provide.

No matter what your reasoning for starting up on your own was, money makes the world go round and you need to be turning over enough money to stay afloat, and ideally generate enough profit to reinvest back into your business, and of course, to pay yourself!



Level 1 | The Bookkeeper

It’s quite common for most people starting out to hire a bookkeeper or it’s likely some will attempt to carry out this work themselves to save on cost, but also to get a feel for the money coming in and out of the business. 


Level 2 | The Compliance Accountant

The next step up from a bookkeeper is a compliance accountant, or a very good bookkeeper. This is someone who will be able to help you do your VAT and Payroll correctly and comply with current HMRC practices.


Level 3 | The Accountant

Commonly, at the year end, businesses will hire an accountant to do their end of year accounts and tax returns. If you are a business owner, I bet you are finding all of this pretty familiar, am I correct?


Level 4 | The Financial Controller

…but what if you could have someone who was able to do all of the above and also advise you, help you make better financial decisions, someone who could discuss your goals with you and plan how you’re realistically going to achieve them. Someone who is going to give you maximum value for the money invested in their services. This is the role of a financial controller. 


We support businesses in and outside of Aberdeen, working remotely with non-local clients to help them grow their business financially as a valuable asset. 

If you are looking for a virtual financial controller then SJC+0 Accountants are the right fit for you.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch and find out how I can help you make sound financial decisions to grow your business. 


Oh and just so you know, level 5 is a Specialised Accountant, but you need to speak to Jimmy Carr about that!

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