If time is money, there are no prizes for guessing whose…


Cliche it may well be, but experience suggests that there aren’t many businesses today where the maxim “time is money” isn’t true somewhere along the line.

Faced with the pressure of seemingly rising overheads, etc., most of our clients are in search of ways of lowering costs. Of course, just like you, they have to do so without their service or product suffering.

So is there an infallible masterplan or some arcane secret which we at SJC+0 possess? Sadly. No…(but read on anyway).

There just isn’t a “one size fits all” solution in these cases. (if there was, we’d be e-mailing it to you from our beach house in the Bahamas). No, regrettably, the process still involves us taking the time and the trouble to get to grips with the unique circumstances of each clients’ business. Only once we’ve done that can we start to offer objective, realistic advice toward improving your bottom line.

Unfortunately, of course, we can’t do this for free (yes, accountants have overheads too), but we will work on the basis which best suits you. Our existing clients seem to feel that this represents a very good investment, so it’s probably worth a phone call on your part to find out more.

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