Increase profit concept. Businessman plan (predict) profit growth represented by graph.

Profitability is key to business survival

Making profit is key to building and running any successful business. My latest video, which was filmed pre-lock-down, is all about profit. It may seem a little strange to talk about profit during times like these but turning a profit is more important than ever right now. Wouldn’t you agree?


Make the time in lock-down count

Whilst we in the UK have been stuck indoors at home during lock-down, I’ve been talking about taking this opportunity to review your business and pivot. In other words, what have you learned from this lock-down and how can you improve your business when we come out of the other side?

Hopefully you’ve taken the opportunity to get a handle on the products and services you offer and have highlighted your best sellers. And you’ve been keeping your customers/clients up to date on what is happening with your business so that they now fully appreciate what you do. You may even have been able to still provide a service but on a different level.

Plan and prepare

As the lock-down is lifted there are going to be two types of customers; those who are looking for a deal and ultimately want to barter you down on price and those who now value the service you provide/have provided and are willing to pay that little bit more.

If you have used lock-down to think smarter and want to start making better decisions then you’ll have figured out what your clients/customers need and have a strategy in place to give them what they want which will earn you a sizable profit in return.

So don’t get sucked into doing deals, cut through the noise that will ultimately accompany post lock-down and take the lessons you’ve learned to drive your business forward.

If you need help to come out the other side of the pandemic a stronger and more profitable business then get in touch.

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