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Setting up a Limited Company

Most people dream of being their own boss, to ditch their day to day jobs and go it alone. And whilst the prospect of earning more money and the ability to work in a more flexible manner are all strong motivators, it is often the financial fears and the processing of paperwork that is putting off wannabe entrepreneurs.

But those who do have the courage to take the plunge can enjoy a host of benefits – especially when they choose to operate as a limited company – proving that dreams really do come true.

Now lets be truthful most people don’t start a business for the love of it, though you can love your job, but you start a business to make money. Right. 🤜

So why not look at becoming a limited company so that you can maximise your earnings whilst minimising risk. And by that, I mean there are so many ways running a limited company can be tax efficient –

➤️ from paying Corporation tax which is currently 18% as opposed to sole traders who can pay anything from 19% (Scotland) to 45% on any profits 

➤️ personal remuneration by taking a combination of salary and dividends through the limited company

➤️ to splitting income by issuing shares to your nearest and dearest.


AND as a limited company you are a separate legal entity. This means that companies can enjoy perpetual succession and can be sold or transferred to other people at any given time.

I have done an eBook on the benefits of setting up a limited company and you can head across to my website and download it and while you’re there why not sign up for my newsletter as well.

➤ I’m also planning on doing a webinar on the benefits of setting up a limited company on Tuesday 25th August at 7pm. Sign up now.

 And I ‘d love to meet you then.

At SJC+0 we aim to create transparent relationships with my clients that will help them build and plan today to ensure they are still here tomorrow.

There will be no unanticipated bills received nor will there be once a year meetings. I stay in touch with all of my clients throughout the year, delivering a tailored service, to ensure that tax is minimised and growth maximised.


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