What a commute!


It’s been just over a year since I set up my business, SJC+0 Accountants, and I can honestly say it has been a year of challenges but also fun. Originally I decided that working from home was going to be a stop gap till my business got busy enough for me to rent my own office, but I can now say I love working from home – the luxury and freedom it brings has surprised me.

So I thought it might help some others businesses considering/working from home what works for me.

MY SPACE – make sure you have a delegated space in the house. I have a desk in the dining room but I have a small sofa in the room, which I regard as neutral territory, so that when I sit there I can switch off. Try to keep the space tidy, at the end of the day I file everything away and try to give the space back to the dining room. Important cause we eat here every night.

RULES – I don’t have any children staying with me anymore BUT I do have a husband! I try to have set hours to work but I am flexible and I do have days where I rule out any meetings/lunches/coffee chats so that I can concentrate on one client.

DRESS CODE – I always get dressed as if I’m going to the office – ok maybe no make up but no PJ’s. For me it’s all about state of mind if I’m dressed for work then I’ll work.

GOALS – I’m a great believer in writing things down so I always set my goals for the week. It’s a great feeling to tick them off as the week progresses, and ok I admit they do keep changing as the week develops and I may have to carry them forward but it helps to write them down. Out of head and onto paper!

PRIORITIES – these naturally tie in with my goals and plans for the week. I always start the day checking emails, forums etc and, if life were simple, I’d do the same at close of play. But I do get distracted if an email comes in – this works for me but it might not for everyone. I do have a problem with breaks cause once I get started I want to continue till it’s done but this is when a husband helps! He is excellent at reminding me it’s lunchtime and I always leave the space, go to another room and watch some tosh on the telly.

NOTEPADS – love them. One of me, one for work and one for inspiration (blogs, new clients, ideas)

DELEGATE – kinda difficult cause I don’t have staff as such, but again this is where a husband steps in. He is more than happy to help and it’s nice to be able to delegate some of the tasks that I don’t like, which then allows me to pleasure to swoop in and finish everything off.

BALANCE – some days/weeks are better than others but I have started writing LEAVE FREE in my calendar so that I can be home and catch up on everything that is involved in running your own business.

FINALLY make time to meet people

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