So now its really cold, the Christmas credit card has landed (please tell me why did we think it was fine to spend that much money on one day) and we now have to pay/have paid our taxes. January was a long cold month, the pubs were quiet, everyone was talking about kale, kick boxing, yoga and mindfullness and we’re all a bit morose. Yep, lets face it; this time of year is chilly, in every sense of the word. We have to face the fact that we need to pay back the nice people at Visa, and we owe squillions of money to HMRC (said through gritted teeth).

But lets hope your accountant warned you in advance what you would have to pay so that you very sensibly put money aside for it. That they filed you return on time so you don’t have the extra headache of paying a penalty. And/or advised you correctly so that your tax bill is acceptable to you.

If your accountant didn’t do this then come talk to me.

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