MARCH 2018

So it’s official or at least it should be? The slumber is over and it’s time for the first signs of spring – if only someone had told the weather! Time to rise and shine, stretch and start looking forward to lighter nights, blossom on the trees (ok that may be a step too far) and our year-end accounts. Not sure about other accountants but I do find a lot of my clients, me included, have March year-ends.

So are you ready?

From April 2019 those of you who are VAT registered will have to use commercial software to maintain their books and records and to update HMRC quarterly starting with VAT. So it’s maybe time to have a discussion with your accountant about how you are going to make this happen.

You don’t want to leave it too late and get flustered you want the transition to be nonchalant, smooth and freakishly easy. The choice is, of course, up to you but if you need any help or guidance then get in touch.

Let’s chat.

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