JUNE 2018

I had spoken in my last blog about taking back time. A simple concept and one I wanted to implement in, what I thought at the time, was going to be a quiet month. How wrong was I – what did Burns say ‘the best laid plans of mice and men gang aft agley’ My to do list in May got longer, the things I wanted to achieve in that month became ridiculous and my stress levels went through the roof. Don’t let anyone tell you that being self-employed is easy. But one of the joys of being self employed is being able to opt out at short notice, and that is what I did. Ok not till June but once I’d made the decision, I didn’t have to check whether it coincided with other colleagues holidays or ask my boss if it was ok. This truly must be optimum status of being self employed.

So for the past week I’ve opted out and taken back some time. If I’m being 100% honest, I have continued to work, every day, but clocking up a lot less hours. So the responsibility of being self employed hasn’t changed and my to do list is still as long but I have spent time with family and friends and I have had time to think. Think about how I’m going to move forward, how I’m going to make this work and whether I still enjoy what I do. Strategy some would call it and it’s something that not every self employed person does and should because it sheds the light on you and your business. We all need time to reflect, sit in a quiet space and think.

I’m back to work full time tomorrow and I’m feeling good about it. I love what I do and I didn’t think that a week ago.


So during this sabbatical I’ve been reading and hearing a lot about the NHS – it is 70 this year – and I’ve come to realise how lucky we are to have it. Not just because the majority of the staff that work for the organisation are kind and caring but because we pay for it. Our taxes pay for the NHS and the care we receive is the same whether we’ve paid thousands of pounds in taxes or nothing.

At last there is something for us to celebrate about taxes. Maybe we should stop seeing paying tax as money the government steals from us but as our contribution to a safe, just and healthy society. Those of us who are lucky enough to pay tax can go to sleep at night knowing that we have helped not just ourselves but also the destitute family. Your tax has helped make that radical kindness possible and you should celebrate that.


All I ask is you remember this when we discuss your future tax bill…….lets chat.

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