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Thoughts from an Aberdeen Accountant – Making choices about your start-up


Some of you may have already been on holiday and some of you, like me, have holidays to look forward to. Either way, I’m wondering: how do you get ready?

Are you the type of person that starts a month in advance, writing down a list of what you have to do…

“Buy, pack – travel insurance, currency, swimsuits, t-shirts, sandals, flip-flops…oh, and passport!”

Organised, clever, on target…

Unlikely, at the last minute, to panic and throw in some random jewellery you haven’t worn for years, or a thick cardie, even though you’re going to Italy in July!

Or do you start with all these good intentions and, as the holiday gets closer, you start adding things to your ‘going-away-pile’?

Expedia start sending you emails about trips and hiring a car. Or you suddenly become worried that you may meet someone you know, so need to look smart. Or “what if it rains? I may need a mac!” or “maybe I’ll want to play tennis, there is a court at the hotel, so I’d better pack trainers”.

And suddenly that “organised, on target” person is getting out of control.

Or maybe you’re the last-minute-packer and only pack what you need; no trainers, no mac, no pink bangles, no suit…but also no suntan lotion, no cotton dresses, no books, and no insurance!

When you start thinking about being self-employed, the same scenarios can apply. You look into all the things you need to consider:

  • Am I going to be a sole trader or limited company?
  • Do I need professional insurance?
  • How am I going to survive financially?
  • How do I tell HMRC?

Then, as the start date looms, you start worrying:

  • How do I keep my books and records?
  • How do I get clients?
  • I’ve only got enough money to survive for six months, what if it takes longer than this to get established?

Suddenly things feel out of control.

Or you decide on Friday that you’re going self-employed on Monday, so no panic, no insurance, no bank account, and no real idea.

Whatever type of person/business you are, or want to be, we can help.

We’ll help you make the list, stick to it and get the suitcase fastened so that you can enjoy the journey.

Let’s chat.


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