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Thoughts from an Aberdeen Accountant – What’s your ‘Unique Selling Point’?


We all have our own thing, right? It could be something big, like a fear of heights, or it could be something random, like a love of rabbits.

People have discerning features. They might have seen Rick Astley in concert more than a hundred times (‘Never going to give you up’). Or named their kids after a letter in the alphabet (think of the Kardashians)!

Or they may have a party trick: “Oh you know Gemma, she can tie a cherry stalk into a knot in her mouth”. Though, how you would know that…?

Some people have a claim to fame; they were on the X Factor, in the background, but never got picked to sing on the telly.

They might live somewhere unusual; in a lighthouse, in Nelson Mandela Court, hello Rodney! Or have strange eating habits: “Do you know Kerry? She won’t eat anything green.”

Well, the same must be true for your business. You need to be slightly different from the crowd. You need a Unique Selling Point, or USP for short.

What makes you memorable? So that when you attend a networking event, people can say: “Hey, you’re the one who loves numbers”, (me), or “Anyone seen the Dane?” (you know who you are).

If you’ve found your USP, then can I suggest we have a chat? With your stand-out business and my love of numbers, we could make a definite statement.


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