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Thoughts from an Aberdeen Accountant – Thinking about taking on an employee?


SJC+0 Accountants is in its fourth year and true to my own advice, I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Not that this journey hasn’t been tricky and messy where I’ve had to refuel, rethink and head straight back out into the arena of business. And I’m not sure that my tank is going to stay full, in fact, I’m pretty sure I’ll need to refuel in this self-employment venture many times to come.

The funny thing is I’m surprised at how much I seem to have in my reserve tanks. Tanks I didn’t even know I had. Tanks with enough for not just me, but my family and other travellers that I meet on this journey.

Which brings me to something else I’ve recently learnt…

You don’t need to do this on your own.

Share the workload

My workload was getting ridiculous but when I started this business I wanted my clients to know I was there for them. Me, not someone else, little old me. Well, you know what, if you decide to allow someone else into your inner circle, someone who is as committed as you are, then your clients will embrace them, support you and them and allow you to take a step back and refuel. Who knew? 

So I’ve taken on some shining lights to help me run SJC+0. A decision I didn’t take lightly but I’m so glad I did. And you know what? I’ve learnt that it’s going to be fine, better even, than I thought. Being empowered by other people is a really valuable lesson to learn. Their voice, if you listen, can teach you so much so that I’m thinking ‘WOW I never thought of doing it like that’ and not ‘Are they going to steal my thunder’.

Questions to ask yourself

So if you’re thinking of expanding your business and allowing someone else into your inner circle then my advice is to do it.

By all means, look at all the scenarios; “Can I afford it?”, “Will they be any good?”, “What if the client doesn’t like them?”, “Will there be enough work?”, “Will it work for me?”.  But also consider; “Will it allow me space?”, “Will I have time to be calmer, more confident, more informed and healthier?”, “Will it allow me to do what I’m good at?”, and also “Will I be happier?”.

If the answer is yes… then I’d be putting the bunting out and doing the dance of all previous business owners who have taken the decision to hire staff. I’m not saying you won’t have any more wobbles but you tried and who knows, it may just work.

If you need help in deciding whether you can afford staff, how to pay them, telling HMRC about new staff, holidays, auto-enrolmentthen lets chat.

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